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Gail Johnson: Police station construction among items on Oswego's agenda

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017 2:00 p.m. CDT
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Gail Johnson

As we look to 2017 together I look forward to all the definitions of significance coming to fruition. According to the Oxford Living Dictionary, significance can mean “being worthy of attention,” or the “meaning to be found in words or events,” or “the extent to which a result deviates from the expected.” I can’t wait to celebrate 2017 with all of you!

Personally, three milestones will be realized. The first milestone will come later this month as my mother celebrates her 90th birthday. It will be a time of meaningful reflection of a life well-lived and much loved. Born in 1927, my mother has been an eyewitness to history. I love to hear her stories and recollections of a different time and watch her joy at continually uncovering new and changing technology. Video calling is a world away from party lines and switchboard operators.

In September, I will celebrate my 60th birthday. As my grandmother would say: “uff da!” There is a joy and a freedom that comes along with this extraordinarily large number, making it much more palatable than it would be otherwise. And lastly, in December, my life partner and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Yes, we were young. Yes, it lasted. Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes, I noticed these two numbers add up to 100! Coincidence? I think not.

In the village of Oswego, 2017 will see many significant sparks alight. Software upgrades will bring village internal operations into the 21st century – making us more efficient and productive. The much needed and anticipated police facility will be underway – dirt flying and walls going up. We will implement a regional positioning plan telling everyone about Oswego in new and wonderful ways. We’re working with homebuilders to complete subdivisions that have long experienced empty lots. We continue to explore and identify a sustainable water source so that Oswego will thrive for centuries to come. And we will stay vigilant in our pursuit of shared service and partnership opportunities to keep services at a maximum and costs at a minimum.

So, as 2017 arrives let us set upon a path of significance. In community let us be worthy of attention, may there be meaning in our actions, and may our results be delightfully unexpected. Happy New Year!

• Gail Johnson is the Oswego village president.