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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Some last words of advice

To the Editor:

To you, the Yorkville High School Class of 2017 – be an addict. That’s right, I said be an addict. One would question why a teacher would ever ask students to become addicted to something – but I have many reasons. Here are just a few.

Be addicted to learning. You are young. You have the world in your hands and the opportunity to learn what you want to learn. Whether you are planning to enter the workforce, enter college or trade school, join the military – make it the best that you can. Learn from your professors, your colleagues, your bosses, your sergeants; just be an addict to learning.

Be addicted to people. In this crazy place that we live, there are people from all walks of life. Some are rich, some are poor. Some are tall and some are short. No matter what experiences or tricks a person has in his pocket, learn about them. Get to know them. You will quickly learn that we all come from the same mold with variations in color and size and experience.

Be addicted to exploring. Get in the car and drive. Turn left where you typically turn right and see what you have been missing all these years. Save your money and travel across our beautiful country. You will find that our land is rich in history, landscape, and beauty. Never stop searching for the most amazing place whether by foot, car, or plane – be an addict to exploration. 

But mostly, become addicted to being unplugged. Do it now and don’t think twice about it. You have been privileged to have technology in your hands since you were quite young and it has caused you to miss out on so much. Some would argue that you have learned, met people virtually, and seen so much of our country without leaving your home because of technology. And to that, I agree. But the real life conversation with a person, the rich experiences with nature or the buzz of a city will create a type of learning that is so much more beneficial.

Congratulations to you, my fourth grade students from Yorkville Intermediate School during the 2008-09 school year – Megan Blake, Kassidy Brown, Emily Buettner, Michelle Clayton, Madysen Daggett, Clay Elleby, Abbigale Focht, Jeffrey Freiberg, Ethan Gates, Emanuel Guzman, Jake Harrison, Haley Hilt, Zack Hunter, Ally Martin, Dayne Negron, Stevie Nehmelman, Tommy Romero, Jori Rosyden, Jenny Sherer, Nicolas Tirio and Maxwell Warren - I wish you the best and hope that your addictions to learning, people and exploring become the foundations of the next chapters in your lives!  

Shawn Collins


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