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Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP appeal unappealing

To the Editor:

Two times since Donald Trump won the presidential election, I have received an “appeal” from the Republican National Committee. I have been asked to contribute money. If some of you readers have also received this request, I trust that you feel honored. If you failed to hear from the Republican National Committee, I can only imagine your disappointment and feeling of neglect.

Following are some statements from the letter, which I received today, May 8. The Republican National Committee’s statements are in quotation marks. My replies are in italics.

“The dishonest liberal media will do whatever it takes to stop President Donald J. Trump and we can’t let them win.” Can you provide examples of ‘dishonest liberal media’?

“Richard, the media and their radical allies have already taken their attacks to unprecedented levels.” Can you give examples of unprecedented levels?

“Their newest tactic is to shame patriots like you who support President Trump and our Republican agenda to Make America Great Again.” There is no need to make it great again!

“Richard, when you activate your Membership with your gift of $25, $35, $50, $100 or more you’ll help our President and our Party.” “Activating your membership with a larger gift of $250, $500 or $1,000 will make an even more decisive impact and help us fight back with the truth.” Is your mission also to help the wealthy people? What is the truth?

Richard Kastner

Nalcrest, Florida

formerly of Montgomery

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