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2018 Primary Election Questionnaire: John J. Hosta, 14th Congressional District

John Hosta, a Democratic candidate for 14th Congressional District, answers a question during a League of Women Voters of Central Kane County forum at the Batavia City Hall on Feb. 22.
John Hosta, a Democratic candidate for 14th Congressional District, answers a question during a League of Women Voters of Central Kane County forum at the Batavia City Hall on Feb. 22.

Democratic Party voters have a large field of candidates to choose from in the March 20 14th Congressional District party primary race. A total of seven candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren, a Republican from Plano.

They are: Matt Brolley, an engineer and village president from Montgomery; John Hosta, a Spring Grove resident who is a stock trader; Daniel Roldan-Johnson, a Volo resident and middle school teacher; Victor Swanson, a teacher and Batavia resident; Lauren Underwood, a nurse from Napeville; George Weber, a retired chemical engineer from Lakewood; and Jim Walz, a Gurnee resident who challenge and lost to Hultgren two years ago.

The Record Newspapers recently sent a questionnaire to the candidates.

John J. Hosta resides in Spring Grove and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from Hope College. He is a small business owner who has not previously held elective public office.

Why are you the best candidate to represent the 14th Congressional District?

We have a $21 trillion national debt that is unprecedented in U.S. history. The incumbent and my Democratic associates support continuing the economic approach we have had for the last several years which is to increase spending to stimulate the economy and free trade which destroys American jobs. Free trade is simply cloaked with the illusion of lowering prices but flies in the face of how our country was built. Then there is health care, the incumbent simply turns his back on people who are in need and my associates want to socialize medicine. I on the other hand, aspire to dramatically lower costs by un-monopolizing medicine. When it comes to energy, the same basic approach by the incumbent and my Democratic associates is taken in regards to fossil fuels. They agree that it is here to stay and will remain our main energy source.  Simply taxing the use of fossil fuels may discourage some use but the bottom line is that that approach embraces fossil fuels. Technically, all my opponents embrace the use of fossil fuels and the question that only comes into play is cost. I, on the other hand, campaign that it is time to bring our technology into the 21st century and insist on modern energy especially in our modes of transportation.

Do you support or favor the repeal of the Affordable Care Act? Please explain.

Once again, we have a healthcare system that is corrupted, and monopolized by pharmaceuticals and businesses. If you free up the industry and incentivize decrease spending, we can then greatly reduce cost while making health care available to everyone. In its present form ACA will not be repealed because of the enormous profits being generated at the American people’s expense.

Should Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into the 2016 presidential election continue?

I am not opposed to any investigation, however, the FBI has lost an incredible amount of credibility over the years which has only accelerated in recent years. The FBI personnel needs to be restructured and Congress needs to be vigilant in their control of the FBI which they have not.

Do you support the construction and funding of President Trump's proposed Mexican Border Wall?

The first responsibility of government is for the protection of its citizenry. Border security falls within this responsibility.

What, if anything, should Congress do to limit gun violence and prevent mass shootings in schools and other public places?

Congress’ responsibility is to make certain that funding is in place to ensure the safety of the schools and other public places. Ultimately, guns laws is each state’s responsibility and if we don’t understand this then public safety is going to remain a problem.

The federal deficit is expected to mushroom over the next several years as a result of the tax reform act adopted by the current Congress and signed into law by President Trump in December. What, if anything, should be done to limit the growth of the deficit?

The federal deficit is a direct result of radical Republican economic policy and tax reform unprecedented in U.S. history. And, of course, my Democratic associates basically embrace such unproven economic and tax reform. Our leadership must come to terms and admit that this “new” tax reform and broad economic approach to the U.S. economy will not ultimately work and our proof is an artificially stimulated economy with a $21 trillion debt. Our leadership needs to go back to basic, logical policies that built the greatest economic power in modern history.

What do you propose to do to help the crumbling infrastructure that's affecting areas throughout the 14th District and the state? What role should the federal government play in helping to pay for fixing our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure needs?

The 14th District infrastructure is inefficient. Our federal government needs to step up and acknowledge that what is required is a federal program to encourage businesses to come to Chicago to establish commerce especially in the high tech field. Then, if an infrastructure is put in place then families within those businesses will find homes within our district which in turn will stimulate the 14th Congressional district. Either our federal government comes to realize this now or pay dearly in the years to come.

Do you believe climate change is a man-made phenomenon and what measures do you propose could be enacted to help slow it down?

I like questions like this because it exposes the folly of our leadership in both parties. The very basic foundation of your question is our energy problem which is treated as a secondary issue…Nikola Tesla said 100 years ago that if funding was available he could illuminate the entire world with the energy available in his time. Today we use fossil fuels as our primary energy source which points to our backward approach to energy.

In elections throughout the country, we have seen races decided by as little as a single vote in recent years, yet voter turnout is regularly low in most elections. How important is the right to vote, in your opinion, and what could be done to encourage more people to vote?

Perhaps if we would actually present candidates that speak for and represent the people of our county then the people would be more involved in our election process. Also, when the establishment manipulates elections with money rather than allowing the voters to make their selection, we discourage and frustrate voter turnout.

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